Dorm Living

Living in the dorm has definitely been an amazing experience! When I first decided to come to Texas Tech, I was very leery about which dorms to pick. I knew I wanted to live in a learning community dorm, which is a dorm floor separated by your major or field you are going to study in. However, that was the best decision about starting college. The atmosphere of the dorm life and all of the super nice people that you get to talk to and interact with is my favorite part about the whole dorm experience. Everyday there is something new going on around the different dorms for people to come out and interact with all types of people. I can honestly say that I have met some of my life long friends through the dorms this past year and I can’t wait to live with them again next year. I feel as if everyone needs to experience the dorm life their freshman year in college. This is an awesome way to go out and make those lifelong friendships and make those memories with so many different people that you would have never thought that you could have otherwise. To me, each hallway is like a family. Yes, there is going to be drama every now and then but we all stick together and laugh about all the fun that we have together each day.

Something that I would recommend before moving into your dorms is making a bond with your future roommate, if you don’t already know them. This makes the transition into coming to college a whole lot easier. Another thing I would recommend when moving in is going out right after you get situated in your room, and meeting all of the people on your floor. This helps to break the ice and gets those friendships started. When first moving into the dorms don’t be afraid to go to all of the fun activities that the different organizations have to offer. These activities are so much fun and not only do you get free food, but tons of free stuff as well.

One of the rooms in in the CASNR Learning Community
One of the rooms in in the CASNR Learning Community

I really have no complaints about the dorms. I have loved every second of living here in Stangle/Murdough dorms and I will always look back at those memories that I have made with all of my great friends that I have encountered during this year in the dorms. I remember, like it was yesterday, when I first moved into the dorms. I was so nervous to see what my roommate would be like and also to get all of my boxes full of stuff completely moved in. My parents were a nervous wreck, they were trying to help me move everything in and put stuff together but it just wasn’t happening. I will never forget though when I said bye to my family. It was in that moment I realized that I was on my own; I was no longer under my parent’s roof. Now to me this was a scary thing to picture, who was going to wake me up in the morning and have breakfast for me? Who was going to tell me to study or do my homework? However, this was the great part about living in the dorms; there was always someone in the dorms that was in the same class as me or has taken the class before so that we could help each other out to finish our homework or study for those test. Like I have said before, I am so glad that I chose to live in the dorms. I have met so many people that I will stay friends with for our lifetime. I would highly recommend that every freshman experience the dorm life. This helps you to calm your nerves about meeting new friends and just helps ease that transition into the college atmosphere.

Here are some helpful links when getting ready to move into the dorms.

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