Sassie Rose Boutique

Sassie Rose Boutique…Wow it is just crazy to see those words in print with advertising, social media and online shopping opportunities. I am Stefanie Wolf a sophomore agricultural communications student from Henrietta, Texas, and I am also the owner of Sassie Rose Boutique. Now you’re probably wondering how does owning a clothing boutique exactly fall under the major of Agricultural Communications in CASNR? When I started college I had the idea I wanted to go into agriculture real estate and learn more about the cotton and viticulture industry, since vineyards and wineries are becoming such a viable commodity in Texas and on the south plains. We all know, living in this area, how the cotton industry impacts Lubbock. I’m still interested in that path too, but my road is winding with a curve in the path when I realized I had an obsession with online shopping. I would cringe at the thought of wearing the same outfit more than about three times a year and I was constantly browsing for clothes and accessories online, or going to the mall as soon as I got out of class. From the influence of my mom, I had to admit my obsession was taking a huge toll on my budget. I had to get a second job to help pay my way, this is when she also said to me, “have you ever thought about starting an online boutique, maybe you should.” When she first mentioned this idea I didn’t really take her seriously, but the more I thought about it, and thought…hmmm new clothes for Stefanie, I loved the idea! This past summer is when this high-maintenance Southern Diva turned her dreams into reality. Did I admit that I’m a diva, I suppose it is true? I’ve always had a love for cute clothes and big Texas hair. My motto is…If the customers are happy, Sassie Rose is happy; I want to see that my customers are happy and that is why I strive to provide them with a fun online shopping experience that provides outstanding customer service and trendy clothing at a reasonable price. I’ve always wanted to open my own store one day, but I never would have dreamed that it would all start while I was a freshman in college! With mom’s help (low budget financing), I established Sassie Rose Boutique and yes I am a little “sassy” and have had that nick name my entire life, so it was perfect! Right now the store is strictly an online boutique, we launched in August of 2014 and started with a very small inventory, but with each passing day we are gaining more likes on Facebook. I have also set up at my very first trade show and have had a trunk show with several bookings for the future. Every day is exciting to see if there have been any new likes or orders over night. Every time my phone “dings”…I get excited that it might be a notification of a new sale!


Throughout high school, I was actively involved in FFA. I took pretty much all the classes offered, so during my senior year I took an agriculture career preparation class where I left school at noon to go to work at The Pecan Shed, a family owned and operated business in Wichita Falls, and have since opened a new store in Henrietta. Their vertically integrated business produces, wholesales, and retails all across the world selling and shipping their pecans everywhere.
They also have a retail store selling their produce, as well as a big line of Texas gifts. I learned through working there about customer service, ordering and shipping and was always quizzing my boss about the retail industry and the logistics of owning a business. I guess I should have realized then I had an interest in retail. Majoring in agricultural communications with a minor in retail management is giving me many skills that I need to implement a business plan. I am currently taking Web Design where I’ll eventually be able to manage my own website. I have learned skills in Photoshop and Illustrator that have helped with photographing my models and editing the pictures that go on my site. Upon graduation, I’ll have the skills needed to manage all of the advertising and marketing for my store, so I really couldn’t have chosen a better major for my career path! It is not just about the business that I have started being my only future plans, because I still want to have a career in agriculture as well. I can see my “dream” job, besides owning my own business, working for the National Cotton Council of America in New York. I love cotton; I love clothes, what could be more perfect?


A major other than in CASNR has never really crossed my mind. I am a third generation Red Raider, and a CASNR Red Raider at that! I can’t imagine being anywhere but CASNR. Our college truly is like one big family; the professors genuinely care about their students and will do anything they can to help them succeed. That is truly the reason that I chose this college, the connection that is made with the students before we ever step foot on campus and the continuation of that caring once here.

Click here to check out Sassie Rose Boutique online!


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